It all started when...

I (Taylor) bought a scooter. The second day I owned said scooter, I hit a possum. I became scared of the scooter, sold it for a video camera, and filmed a friend's wedding for fun.

Before I knew it, my work was posted on wedding blogs in other states. I was receiving emails from interested brides and I was forced to quit my job to do something I loved full time. That was 7 years ago. Now the company is 5 people strong, we film at least 35 weddings a year, and we have a blast doing it. 

Payton McCollum and I own the company. We've been best friends since college, the rhythm section in a band, and long-time roommates. We are artists first, and business partners second. That approach has proven to be a solid foundation and it's really cool to own a business with your best friend.

Our approach to wedding videography is simple. It's not our wedding, it's yours. We try to be seen as little as possible. Other Videographers and Photographers make sure they get their shots by any means necessary. That means they are disruptive, and they take away from the day. The day is about you. The last thing we want to do is change that. With that being said, we capture your wedding in a very natural, photojournalistic style. We can do a great job without attaching ourselves to your hip.

Nashville has been home for many years now. We are happy to contribute to an awesome city, with tons of cool clients. 

Thanks for considering us. It really means the world you would trust us with your wedding.

7 years and 250+ weddings later, We are thankful everyday for what we get to do.

We also film other cool things like Promotional, School, and Lifestyle Videography over at Cardboard Collective.