It all started when...

I (Taylor) bought a scooter. The 2nd day I owned said scooter, I hit a possum. I got scared of the scooter, sold it for a video camera, and filmed a friend's wedding for fun.

Before I knew if, my work was posted on wedding blogs in other states. I was receiving emails from interested brides and I was forced to quit my job to do something I loved full time. That was 7 years ago. Now the company is 5 people strong, we film at least 35 weddings a year, and we have a blast doing it. 

Payton McCollum and I (Taylor Burgess) own the company. We've been best friends since college, bandmates, and roommates. We are artists first, and business partners second. That approach has proven to be a solid foundation and it's really cool to own a business with your best friend.

7 years and 250+ weddings later, We are thankful everyday for what we get to do.