Taras and Katherine

It’s not everyday you get the perfect couple and The Perfect venue.

Taras and Katherine are such an amazing laid back couple ever. From the start, they made us feel at home. A lot of you know Taras from his YouTube channel, Crazy Russian Hacker. He is exactly the same in person: funny, excited, and kind. Katherine’s unique style and fun loving personality didn’t only shine through in the decor, it came through Taras’ continuous smile at their first look.

Rose Kaz kept us laughing all day. Besides being a great comedian, she’s an incredible photographer.

And the venue…Whoa. This place was a dream to shoot. How ‘bout you just take a look below.


Who filmed the wedding, you ask? We did! We are Taylor and Payton of Cardboard Films – videographers based in Nashville, TN. We’ve filmed weddings all over the world since 2011. Take a gander at our website. If you have any questions, drop us a line at the link below. We’d love too hear from you!