Cardboard Films + Happily Grey


Here's the full highlight film, made especially for your eyes.

Mary and Madison

Mary and Madison...Hmm... Where to start? We've been blessed to know Mary for a little while now. The following she has built and the talent she has for showcasing products through her fashion blog Happily Grey is jaw dropping. Mary has traveled the world working with high end and well known clothing brands. She's sat at dinner tables with fashion icons and legendary designers, but we just know her as Mary. She's so kind, extremely caring, and simply beautiful. When she called and wanted to hire us to film her wedding, we almost fell out of our chairs. We knew there would be no detail left untouched, and our jobs would be a breeze telling the story of her and her future husbands day. So yeah, we were pumped.

We had never met Madison, but we knew Mary had great taste. The moment he introduced himself, we felt like we had known Madison for years. He is laid back, genuine, and generous. He was very intentional about not only getting us everything we needed, but also us having a warm and welcoming experience at his wedding. Soon to be married to THE Happily Grey, Madison wasn't hard on the camera either. 

Here's to Mary and Madison: Thank you for your lovely hospitality, your kind hearts, and your true friendship. We are so very thankful to have been with you on the biggest and best day of your lives!

 If you aren't familiar with her work, follow the link below and allow Mary to curate your closet. By the look of her following, she's doing an incredible job.

For more images of Mary and Madison's wedding, be sure to check out Emmy doesn't only have an amazing eye for photography, she's a dream to shoot with.