Best wedding decision I made, minus my husband of course! One look at one of Cardboard Film’s early films and we were SOLD- we had to have them shoot our wedding. We were dangerously close to not booking a videographer for our wedding since we already had a photographer and incorrectly thought that meant we didn’t need them. THANK GOODNESS WE DID! Cardboard Films captured the love and fun of our wedding weekend and we celebrate our anniversary with a viewing of the video every year! They are so incredibly warm and easy to work with ahead of time and are even more wonderful when you meet them at person! Their hard work and big hearts have helped create one of our most prized possessions. I recommend Cardboard to every engaged couple I know- including my sister and sister in law!
— Kelci
Cardboard Films is truly a phenomenal team. They are outstandingly kind, professional and uncommonly creative. They were born to come together to make films. Our wedding film is unquestioningly the greatest treasure we have to remember that day. It’s difficult to articulate how special they were to us through our wedding experience and we continue to think of them so endearingly. Brides and grooms: be certain that hiring Cardboard Films will be the best decision you make for yourself in wedding planning. They really are a must have - and if in fact you are fortunate enough to use them, you’ll find yourself unremittingly grateful. Cardboard Films is a very special team and their creativity is absolutely unparalleled. Believe me- you want this!!!
— Irene
Y’all. Seriously. I could cry.
I had the pleasure of being with Taylor all day while Gavin was with the boys. They were both amazing to be around and made us feel so relaxed. When I finally put on my dress and did the reveal with my bridesmaids, I did not have a full length mirror in the room. I didn’t realize I hadn’t seen myself until later when I was doing bridal portraits. I think I forgot to find a mirror because everyone I was surrounded by including the Cardboard team made me feel so beautiful. We got along with the team so well, it felt like just a couple of wedding guest with incredible talent and a video camera. We knew we were going to love the video just from the vibe we got from being around them (+ I watched every video I could find online they did. Freaking gorgeous work).
We got the trailer back.... flawless. The full film... water works. It’s the most perfect reflection of the day. You can feel the love and excitement in every moment they captured.
While we didn’t get to work with Payton on our wedding day, he was the one we worked with during contracting etc. We have since met him. He is also a complete delight.
If you are on the fence about a wedding videographer at all, don’t be. It’s freaking worth it 100 times over. That is, if you get some one like Cardboard Films.
— Hannah
If you’re on the fence about hiring a videographer, don’t be: hire one, and hire Cardboard Films. I promise you will not be sorry. Our photographer recommended Cardboard Films to us. Being a photographer myself, I knew how important it was to us for our wedding film to capture the essence of our day, and Cardboard Films delivered beyond anything we could have imagined. We recently had our first anniversary and watched all of our videos again, and the first thing I said to my husband (after we cried our eyes out, of course) was “I’m SO GLAD we have this.” Cardboard Films gave us SO much more than a wedding film - it’s truly a piece of art that we will treasure for the rest of our lives and for generations to come. The guys from Cardboard are true professionals and artists and captured our day so beautifully. We can’t say enough good things about them and the product they delivered. I would give them 10 stars if I could. These guys are among the best in the business - HIRE THEM!
— Leslie
Loved working with Cardboard Films! They were flexible with a busy wedding day schedule, always answered my questions within the day, easy to ask questions and make requests, and were very fast with getting my videos back to me. ?? Would definitely recommend them!
— Rainey
The best filming crew ever! Could not have been more happy with our desicison to use Cardboard Films for our wedding. The videos they made for us are artistic, romantic and natural. They captured the day just as it was which made it even more special. I’ve watched the trailor alone about 100 times! That is how much I love it. Something I will cherish forever.
— Molly
Listen up Brides and Grooms, the talented folks at Cardboard Films are AMAZING! You have no idea how a simple video is going to impact your life, I know everyone budgets when it comes to planning a wedding.. but just like everyone says “don’t skip out on photography” DO NOT skip this. I cant express to you how much this video means to me, my husband, and especially our family. Photos are important but they’re just still images of the day and having a video you can watch over and over again really has its own special place in our hearts. Believe me, I’ve watched ours a million times and its only been 24 hours. haha :) Do yourselves a favor and let Cardboard Films and the kind hearted guys with so much talent be a part of your big day, you wont be sorry!!
— Katie
Let’s just say, “They make you feel like family.”I don’t even really know where to start about my new friends, Taylor and Matt. They made us laugh and feel right at home and they make the BEST videos and capture ALL of the moments. Having a wedding is very stressful but these guys made me feel calm. They were there to film the wedding but by the end of the night, they felt like family. In fact, we are inviting them over for Thanksgiving! HAHA! You can tell that they take their time creating the beautiful masterpieces. If you are wanting a company that will offer you professionalism, quality work and moments of laughter, then this is the company for you. Thank you, Taylor and Matt. You both are amazing...
— Emily